Sewer clean-up of underground pipes and drainpipes in properties (up to NW 300 mm):


Condition check:

  • Sewer cleaning and recording with sewer TV (digital on DVD)
  • Pipe location (for possible structural openings)
  • Dimension measurement and calibration



  • Condition evaluation and definition of clean-up methods


Clean-up concept:

  • Creation of a clean-up plan or concept
  • Involvement of architects and plumbers (if necessary)
  • Template for possible submissions to authorities (protocol, DVD and plan)



  • Preparation of a cost estimate or an offer
  • On site advice and support



  • Information to residents (schedule)
  • Coordination and planning of construction site with architect and plumber
  • Clean-up in all areas
  • Completion of cleaned-up pipes with architect and plumber


Quality control:

  • Approval of cleaned-up pipe sections with sewer TV
  • Leakage test (depending on the municipality) with test report
  • Approval by experts from the authorities (depending on the municipality)
  • Handover to client or representative


Public sewage system:

  • Milling off and binding in public sewage system (depending on the municipality)
  • Approval by experts from the authorities


Other services:

  • Rinsing, milling and unblocking pipes (Ø 200 – 1,200 mm)
  • Digital sewer TV from Ø 50 – 1,000 mm


Pipe location

  • Restoration of the pipe cross section with milling tools, cutters or sewer robots
  • Leakage tests up to Ø 250 mm
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