Sewer clean-ups

The result of the clean-up work is almost as good as a new building in terms of its useful life.

During the “inliner process” a flexible hose treated with a special resin is pulled through the sewer after it has been cleaned. When pressed against the pipe wall it hardens.

Side pipes are then opened again, the ends of the hose are ground down, cleaned and the junctions are carefully sealed. And this extends their service life for a further 30 to 50 years.

For localised individual damage, we opt for maintenance: we seal the sewer using robot vehicles. These robots mill, drill and grind. And the Aquatec experts monitor the process via TV cameras. The "part liner technique" is possible for individual damage from a diameter of 100 mm: a multi-layer glass fibre mat soaked in special resin is pressed into the defective section. This extends the service life by 20 to 50 years.



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